Colorado Workers’ Rights to a Safe Working Environment

Dec 1, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

Naturally, some jobs may pose a threat to the safety of its workers. Common threats include physical dangers such as the risk of falling, or the hazards that may result from working with heavy machinery. More often than not, these risks are obvious. In the same sense, employees are usually aware of these hazards at the onset of work. However, there are also threats to the safety of employees which cannot always be seen, and therefore can be kept from their knowledge, like the hazards of exposure to toxic or unstable chemicals in the workplace. Unfortunately, although workers’ rights exist, many employees remain unaware. Read on as Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Kaplan & Morrell explain how Colorado workers are entitled to safe place to do their jobs…

All employers are bound by law to inform their employees about their exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace. Employers are also expected to have with them Material Safety Data Sheets which contain important detailed information about the chemical, how to properly deal with a particular substance, the risks to health resulting from exposure to the chemical, and standard protocols like first aid.

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Likewise, proper warning labels and signage must be observed in the workplace, as with any product that could be a potential health hazard. Warning signs may be posted in areas where toxins are present but have poor ventilation, and warning labels are usually placed on packaging of toxic chemicals.

Non compliance of your employers with these legal requirements will subject them to higher authorities such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Any Colorado employee who contracts a disease or is injured in the workplace due to chemical exposure may file for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an insurance-based system for Colorado employees. It is a no-fault based system, meaning you will still be entitled to benefits even if the injury sustained was your own fault. Under workers’ compensation, an employee may avail of the following benefits:

Medical benefits – All medical expenses prescribed by the doctor will be covered by workers’ compensation.

Lost Wage benefits – workers’ compensation will replace a percentage of your salary during the period you were unable to work.

Disability benefits – disabilities incurred in the workplace will be categorized and you will be duly compensated.

Death benefits – death benefits include funeral and burial expenses as well as financial support for the families affected by the deceased’s lost wages.

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Colorado workers have the right to a safe working environment, and you have a right to just compensation. If you believe that your health may have been compromised, it would be best to talk to experienced and capable Colorado Workers’ Compensation Attorneys about your rights and claiming your benefits. Kaplan Morrell attorneys have been helping Colorado workers for almost two decades now. Call us at 303.780.7329 for a FREE CONSULTATION.