What I do if my Work injury has been denied?

Aug 21, 2014 | Claims Process

You may get a sense that the insurance company is denying your case.  If so there are five critical things to do:

1. DO NOT give a recorded statement.  You may not understand the questions, or you may use words that have one meaning in day-to-day conversation that have a different meaning in the work injury context.

2. DO obtain the names, telephone numbers, and – if you can – handwritten statements or recorded statements of co-workers, customers, or other witnesses to your accident or conditions of work that caused your injury.

3. DO take pictures or video recording of the job site where the accident occurred and of your injuries, and bruises.

4. DO seek medical care for your injury.  If your employer sends you to the doctor – and the doctor is willing to still treat – keep going.  If the doctor refuses to treat you because your claim is denied – please send the adjuster an email notifying that you are without medical care.  Then go to your doctor.

5. Talk with a lawyer.  While your claim is denied – the insurance company benefits.  They do not have to do anything.  The only thing that will change the situation is getting a n attorney to pursue your claim.

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