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Following a dangerous work accident, you may be relieved that your employer offers workers’ compensation benefits, which can cover the severe injuries you have experienced. Unfortunately, you may have difficulties getting the full benefits you are due if they deny your claim. 

At Kaplan Morrell, we provide the services you need from a Denver workers’ compensation disputes lawyer. Our workers’ compensation attorneys pursue financial support following your work accident, which provides the significant financial support and resources you need for your recovery. When you choose our team for your legal services, you can expect high-quality services and all the tools you need for success.

denver workers compensation disputes lawyer

Kaplan Morrell is here to help your workers’ comp claim succeed

When facing a workers’ compensation dispute, focusing on your financial situation and physical recovery can be difficult. As an award-winning firm that centers our clients on pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, you can rest easy knowing we can guide you so you can focus on healing. We are dedicated to helping our clients thrive by receiving the full benefits needed to recover from their suffering. 

Over the last 20 years, our team has helped injured and disabled workers in Denver, CO, obtain the full support they need under Social Security disability, employment, and workers’ compensation laws. We offer over 50 years of combined legal experience, which we bring to reviewing your case and determining whether you have a viable dispute.

We identify what benefits you are lacking and what steps we can take to secure what you are due. We are prepared to help you file your paperwork, negotiate with the insurance company, and even represent you in the courtroom to pursue your maximum compensation.

Our Denver workers’ compensation disputes attorney is here for you every step of the way

When filing a worker’s compensation claim with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, your case will be overseen by an administrative law judge (ALJ). However, you may be unhappy with their decision or feel your case was unfairly handled. If this happens, you can file a Petition to Review. After the petition paperwork is mailed to you, you will have only 20 days from the postmark date to file, so contact us if you need help completing the paperwork within that time limit. 

Next, you will receive a transcript of the hearings about your case, and a letter with time limits for filing briefs will be sent to your attorney. Kaplan Morrell can help you file a brief supporting your petition within 20 days, giving you a chance to explain why you object to the order from the ALJ and include any evidence that may support your position. 

After filing your brief, the opposing party has another 20 days to file their response brief. Once all paperwork has been submitted, the ALJ has 30 days to write a new decision based on the petition, or the file will be sent to the Industrial Claim Appeals Panel for further review. We can ensure you include all information and evidence needed to take advantage of this appeal process and potentially help secure your due workers’ compensation benefits.

Kaplan Morrell works hard to recover full benefits in your workers’ comp case

As you navigate a workers’ compensation dispute, you will need to know what damages you have suffered and what benefits may be covered by your claim. Below are the key benefits your workers’ comp claim can cover:

  • Medical Benefits  – When you’re injured during your employment, your employer is typically responsible for covering the full cost of your physical recovery. That means you may be due compensation for any medical care, rehabilitation, or physical therapy you have pursued due to your injury or illness.
  • Wage Replacement Benefits – Your employer may also provide a portion of the income you would typically receive if you could work at your full capacity. These benefits can vary depending on your average weekly wages, how long you need them, and whether you can work in any capacity. They can also be adjusted during your recovery process.
  • Death Benefits – If a loved one is killed in a work accident, you may be due benefits that cover funeral and burial expenses. Spouses and children under 18 may also be eligible for wage replacement benefits and other damages. These benefits can continue until death, remarriage, or until the dependents turn 18.

At Kaplan Morrell, we focus on protecting your right to the workers’ compensation benefits you need. If your wage replacement benefits are ending early or your medical benefits are being denied, we can help you navigate the dispute and pursue compensation that meets your needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about the full value of your claim.

Take these steps to strengthen your Denver workers’ comp claim

You may find your employer and their insurance company doing everything in their power to avoid paying the substantial sum you may be due. They may use their considerable resources to avoid the costs associated with fairly compensating you and your loved ones. Because of this, it is vital to take the following steps to help secure your future during a workers’ comp dispute.

Seek medical care 

In the wake of a work accident, seeking medical care can provide the information and evidence needed to show you were injured in the scope of your employment. Records from doctors and hospitals can provide proof that your injuries led to you needing that care, which can support your version of events against the employer’s objections. 

Getting care can also prevent your injuries from worsening, helping you recover faster. Pursuing medical attention can reduce the amount of time you spend in rehabilitation and recovery, lessening your need for certain wage recovery benefits. Finally, getting medical treatment demonstrates you did everything in your power to reduce the impact of your injuries.

Keep track of your deadlines 

As you navigate a workers’ compensation dispute, keep in mind that many deadlines can impact your ability to pursue your claim. For example, deadlines may determine when you report your injury and how long you have to dispute a case decision. To navigate these complexities, we can maintain a calendar of your obligations throughout your claims process.

Keep a record of your injuries and recovery

A common source of workers’ compensation disputes is accusations that the claimant has already reached maximum medical improvement or is committing fraud by exaggerating their injuries. Keeping a detailed record of your medical care and actions lets you better demonstrate your recovery timeline. This provides a clear picture for the judge to determine your case favorably.

Work with the most trusted workers’ comp dispute lawyers in Denver

Pursuing workers’ compensation benefits can be a complex process. Though state law declares you should be covered, your employer and insurance company may work to avoid paying the extensive benefits you may be due for the suffering you have experienced. The good news is that a Denver workers’ comp disputes lawyer can help you navigate this complicated process and protect your financial future. 

At Kaplan Morrell, we focus on fighting for your future when a work injury changes everything. We always ensure our clients stand at the forefront of our efforts by providing award-winning service that starts with your first consultation. To learn more about our proven legal team, call (303) 780-7329 or fill out our online contact form.

We answer common questions about workers’ comp disputes in Denver

Do I need an attorney to file an appeal? 

While you are not required to hire an attorney for your workers’ compensation dispute, it can help you feel more confident and give you more resources to succeed in the courtroom. An attorney from Kaplan Morrell can manage the details of your dispute with their training and knowledge of insurance law. Our firm provides the legal services needed to pursue an effective appeal while you focus on your health.

Can I appeal again if I lose my dispute? 

If you are unsatisfied with the final order made regarding your court appeal, or if the Industrial Claim Appeals Panel fails to report their decision within 60 days of receiving your file, you may be able to appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals

All forms and procedures can be accessed on the Colorado Court of Appeals website, or you can contact the court at (720) 625-5150. To prepare for this process, discuss the details of your case with an attorney at Kaplan Morrell to ensure you are taking the right steps forward.

When setting a hearing, are the 100 days calculated from the setting date or the certificate of mailing date?

When you complete your application for a hearing, you have 100 days from the setting date listed on the application, according to the Office of Administrative Courts. The Office of Administrative Courts provides the documents needed to complete this filing, and you will be expected to return the forms by mail, hand delivery, or fax to the address listed for the office. Once you complete and submit the correct forms, we can guide you through your next steps.

May I talk privately to the judge about my case?

Unfortunately, this option is not available for those pursuing worker’s compensation claims, as judges must remain impartial. The judge cannot speak to a single party unless the other party has the option to participate in the conversation. However, your attorney can speak on your behalf during the courtroom proceeding, and you may make requests of the judge by filing a motion or providing copies of your filings to both the judge and the opposing party.

Do I need to dress up for the hearing?

When pursuing a hearing for a workers’ compensation dispute, you are not required to dress formally. However, while casual dress is allowed, keep in mind that the judge or other parties may take note of the clothes you choose to wear. Making the best possible impression during your workers’ compensation dispute indicates to the judge and other parties that you are taking the appropriate steps to receive a positive result for your dispute.

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