Is An Off-the-Clock Injury Covered By Work Comp?

Nov 27, 2023 | Red Flags, Mistakes & Myths

Is An Off-the-Clock Injury Covered By Work Comp? – Many people think that if you’re not clocked in and you get injured it’s not work-related.

What happens if I’m still in the building?

Even if you clocked out, even if you’re not doing any work and you are leaving the premises, chances are that is still covered under Workers’ Compensation.

For example, if you are no longer in your offices, but you have an accident in the building, it would probably still be covered, or if you go down to get the mail, it would definitely be covered because you’re doing part of your work.

What happens if I’m in the parking lot?

If you’ve already left the building and you’re walking to your car and you slip and fall, it typically isn’t covered, but if your employer told you where to park then it would be covered, so if, for example, the employer told you that the closer parking spots are for clients, and you have to walk a longer distance to get to your car, you would be covered.

If you’re driving in your car in the parking lot and somehow you get injured, that’s still covered because you’re still in the parking area that was designated by the employer. Once you leave the parking lot, you’re no longer covered.

If you leave the parking lot but you’re still doing your job, then you would be covered.

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