Injured Workers Pharmacy: Shortage of Acetaminophen with Codeine

Jan 19, 2015 | WC & Other Laws

Our partners at Injured Workers Pharmacy (IWP) notified us that there is a country-wide shortage of Acetaminophen with Codeine. As a result, many (if not all) pharmacies are no longer able to fill Acetaminophen with Codeine #2, Acetaminophen with Codeine #3 and Acetaminophen with Codeine #4.

· There is a shortage throughout the country, and it is not available from wholesalers or the manufacturer. This is due, in part, to the change in prescribing patterns as a result of the reclassification of Hydrocodone to a Schedule 2.

Colorado Injured Workers Pharmacy Explained

· IWP expects it to be available in the spring. Until then, injured Colorado workers should alert physicians of this change and ask that they send an appropriate alternative medication for the patient and injury type.

· If IWP receives a script for any of the Acetaminophen with Codeine combinations which are mentioned above, a pharmacist will call the doctor’s office to request a substitution.

For additional information or questions on this shortage, please contact an IWP pharmacist at 888-321-7945.

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