Leading Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Makes Headway Against Work Injuries With Prestigious Awards

Jun 9, 2016 | WC & Other Laws

Leading Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Makes Headway Against Work Injuries With Prestigious Awards – Denver Work Injury Law Firm Helps Pave The Way For Injured Workers In Colorado

DENVER, June 9, 2016  — Long-time Denver Workers’ Compensation attorney Michael H. Kaplan has been honored by the Colorado Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Section to receive the Lance Butler Award. The Lance Butler Award, one of the most prestigious awards given in the Workers’ Compensation field, is given to outstanding attorneys in Colorado for excellent service, dedication, and commitment to the field of Colorado Workers’ Compensation Law. This celebrated honor is bestowed after nomination from within the Workers’ Compensation Executive Council and workers’ compensation community and is based upon an attorney’s contribution to the workers’ compensation system. Michael will receive the award and be honored today, June 9th, in Denver, Colorado.

In addition to the Lance Butler Award, Michael has been recently chosen by the Professionals in Workers’ Compensation organization as Outstanding Claimant Attorney of the Year for 2015. Michael was honored with that award in 2007 and 2009 as well. The PWC is one of the most visible, dynamic, and progressive groups of professionals in the field of workers’ compensation in Colorado.

Michael continues to contribute to the workers’ compensation legal community by teaching Continuing Legal Education courses (CLE) to other workers’ compensation attorneys throughout both Colorado and the US, as well as mentoring young attorneys in the workers’ compensation community.

Through their firm, Kaplan Morrell, LLC, Michael H. Kaplan and partner Britton J. Morrell are rethinking how injured workers are treated in Colorado and what can be done to help these injured and disabled workers resume as normal a life as possible after their injuries. Kaplan and Morrell seek ways to help injured workers gain employment, cover living expenses, get necessary medication, and recuperate after work injuries, as well as help injured workers fight against insurance companies looking to take advantage of them.

Kaplan Morrell is proud to be involved with the communities in not just Denver and Greeley but all of Colorado.  Kaplan Morrell works with several national non-profits like the Wounded Warrior Project and the National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers (NAIDW) to continue the fight for the rights of injured workers.

Meet Michael Kaplan: https://kaplanmorrell.com/meet-kaplan-morrell/meet-michael-kaplan/

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Kaplan Morrell is a leading Northern Colorado Workers’ Compensation and Disability Law Firm helping injured workers obtain benefits like lost wages, medical bill reimbursement, and more. With offices in both Denver and Greeley, Colorado, Kaplan Morrell helps fight for injured and disabled workers throughout Colorado.

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