Above Suspicion

Aug 22, 2014 | Claims Process

Getting injured and being unable to work can be traumatic and expensive for you.  It can get worse if your claim is questioned – or worse – you accused of making a false claim.  Although workers’ compensation fraud is rare, and often is just as often done by the employer – Pinnacol Assurance, the largest Workers’ Compensation Carrier in Colorado, has given employers a list of eleven things that should cause your employer to question your injury.

The list includes:

  1. Injuries occurring on Friday, but not reported until Monday.
  2. Injuries occurring on Monday morning.
  3. Injuries occurring right before the end of work, or termination.
  4. The employee has medical providers and/or “legal consultants” with a past history of handling suspicious claims.
  5. Conflicting descriptions of how the injury occurred.
  6. There are no witnesses to the accident or injury.
  7. The employee delays reporting the injury.

Some of these things can’t be helped – even for legitimate claims.  What you need to know is that unfortunately when you are injured on the job you are entering a system where the employer, the doctors, and the insurance adjusters are trying to determine if your claim is legitimate or fraudulent.  Often innocent actions or statements on your part can raise all sorts of red flags.  When you have experienced legal counsel with Kaplan Morrell, known for high ethical standards, you can avoid making mistakes that will lead an employer to question your very real injury.

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