Temporary/Seasonal Employment and Workers Compensation in Colorado

Nov 30, 2015 | Compensability

Generally, a seasonal/temporary worker is only employed on certain seasons. A company may opt to hire extra people if they think that the workload is more than usual, but only temporarily, for a specific duration. Retail stores, farms, and ski resorts typically hire workers for temporary/seasonal work. 

In Colorado, more agricultural workers are employed to see to it that crops and vegetables are delivered where they need to be delivered, but often only during harvest season. If you have been or are planning to be a seasonal worker, you should be familiar with your rights.

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If you’re a seasonal worker, are you qualified for workers’ compensation?


The short answer is yes. But the process is far from simple.

Take, for example, you get a broken arm because you fell off a ladder while pulling stock in the warehouse at work. Naturally, you won’t be able to complete your regular tasks due to your condition. In this case, in Colorado, you’d typically be entitled to a temporary total disability pay through the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. Your medical bills would typically be covered by the company’s workers’ compensation insurance, including mileage to and from the doctor. You’d also typically get lost wages. This is the normal process if the injury happened to you within the season. As with most work injury cases, a Workers’ Compensation Attorney will be able to help you get the maximum workers’ compensation benefits. Temporary workers are not entitled to unemployment benefits once the season is over. There is a possibility of the insurance provider denying an injured worker’s workers’ comp claim- which is why you should have an attorney on your side. Our Greeley Workers’ Comp attorneys are experienced with seasonal workers and have a proven track record of getting injured workers the benefits they deserve.

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