We Track your Money (EVERY PENNY) in a Workers’ Comp Claim

Jun 2, 2022 | Claims Process

We Track your Money (EVERY PENNY) in a Workers’ Comp Claim – One of the big differences between Workers’ Compensation cases and personal injury cases or other kinds of lawsuits is that in those cases there’s only one check, nothing gets paid until the very end with one check which has to cover everything.

We Track your Money (EVERY PENNY) in a Workers’ Comp Claim

In Workers’ Compensation is different because, the insurance company is paying out checks all the time, they’re paying to the doctors, to the physical therapists, for mileage, to you for lost wages every two weeks, etc., and maybe at the end there might be a settlement check on top of that.

The importance of keeping track

We keep track of all those checks and at the end of every case we make sure that the insurance company has paid out exactly what they said that they were supposed to pay out.

At least 1 out of 10 times we find out that the insurance company didn’t pay what they said they paid. The injured person believes everything was paid for, but when we start running all the numbers that were admitted versus what has been paid, there’s something that’s missing.

We always look for the last penny to make sure you got paid what you deserve. We track everything from beginning to end, including before we were on the case to make sure that the insurance company pays everything.

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