What Does ‘Causation’ Mean In Work Injuries?

May 30, 2023 | WC & Other Laws

What does ‘causation’ mean in work injuries? – Workers’ Compensation covers injuries at work, so you may think that if it happened at work you’re covered, and conversely. You might think that if you’re off the clock or even off the employer’s location and you suffer an injury it isn’t covered. However, both cases are not necessarily true.

Even if you were injured at work, you still have to prove that you got hurt because of work. If you were injured outside of work, you might be covered if you were injured because of work.

At work, but not covered

A common example is assaults. They aren’t covered if someone attacks you because of an off-work dispute. For example, if you get into an argument outside of work with a coworker, and then they attack you at work because of that argument, it’s probably not going to be covered because the reason for the dispute was something that occurred outside of work.

There are always exceptions, like stalking cases. For example, if you break up with your partner and they become aggressive. They start stalking you to the point you have to get a restraining order, and they go to your work because they know you will be there. If you get injured in that situation, it would be covered.

If something happens at work you have to prove that something at work caused it. It’s not enough that, for example, you were just standing and all of a sudden you start feeling pain in your back. You need to show that something happened at work for you to start to hurt, and if you can’t connect work to the injury, chances are it’s not going to be covered.

Not working, but still covered

When you’re coming and going from the parking lot at work and haven’t clocked in yet, you’re still covered, For example, if you’re injured in the elevator, or if you slip in the parking lot.

If you’re not in the parking lot, if you’re driving to or from work, you won’t be covered because there’s no causation, but again, there are exceptions. For example, if you have a company truck and you’re required to bring your car to work to do part of your job, then there’s a causal relationship, and coming and going to work would be covered.

When you’re at work you won’t be working all the time. You will take breaks for your personal comfort, like going to get coffee or going to the restroom, and if you get injured during those times you’re still covered.

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