What is My Work Injury Case Worth?

Nov 15, 2023 | Benefits

What is My Work Injury Case Worth? – Let’s talk about something that almost every injured worker wonders, “What is my work injury case worth, and what’s the typical payout?” Let’s dive in! 

The common question among injured workers…

Often, we’re asked “What’s my case worth? What’s the payout?” We’re sorry to tell you but it will always depend on the situation of your case. No case is the same, there are factors that could drastically change it. It could be worth more or less depending on the state where the worker was injured, their medical records, or what time they were injured, there are so many variables that could change the case.

There’s no attorney on this planet that can tell you what your case is worth without being given extensive information. The only way to know what your case is actually worth is to have your attorney look at your whole file, see your entire medical history, and how much longer you’ll be treating with a doctor before we can even begin to calculate the worth of your case.

We’re here to help

Hopefully, this answers the question about why it’s hard to answer the question and why it might feel like you’re not getting a straight answer. Lawyers keep saying “It depends!” but the truth is, it does depend. So if you really have a question about your case

and what it might be worth, give us a call at Kaplan Morrell Attorneys at Law. We’ve been helping injured and disabled workers in Colorado since 1995. We’re offering free, confidential consultations to help orient you on your rights. Call or text us at 970-356-9898, or visit our website at https://kaplanmorrell.com/ for help.

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