Worker’s Compensation and Pregnancy

Jan 29, 2021 | Employment Concerns

Worker’s Compensation and Pregnancy – If you are a worker who was injured on the job and pregnant, you might be concerned about how these combined conditions affect your worker’s compensation claim. Don’t let your rights be affected by your pregnancy, get a lawyer in your corner.

Worker’s Compensation and Pregnancy

Do I have to settle my work injury case because I’m pregnant and can’t receive treatment?

One of the issues we’ve seen happens when doctors want to give you a treatment for the work injury and they say, “We really need to do a lot of x-rays or CAT scans or MRIs. But because of the pregnancy, it’s not recommended.” Or, “We want to give you some medications but it’s not recommended because of your pregnancy.” You might ask, “what should I do?” The feelings of uncertainty only get stronger when you’re being pressured by adjusters and told to settle your case because you can’t get any further care due to your pregnancy. But that’s not true.

However, it is possible that you could be placed temporarily in what’s called Maximum Medical Improvement until the pregnancy stops being a factor in whether or not you can get care. We’ve had a number of clients who were pregnant and their treatment got delayed and they weren’t placed at MMI. Once their pregnancy was over they continued treatment.

Can the insurance company refuse to give me lost wage benefits because I’m pregnant and have restrictions?

Sometimes we see clients who are receiving treatment and they’re off work because of restrictions and on top of that, they are also pregnant. The insurance company will try to say, “We’re going to shut off your lost wage benefits because you’re pregnant. The reason you’re not able to go back to work and the reason an employer isn’t able to offer you a job is that you are pregnant.”

That’s borderline, if not completely against the law, regarding employment. The truth is if you are off work already due to a work injury and then something else happens, the insurance company cannot shut off your lost wage benefits. And this is because the reason you got off work in the first place, was due to a work injury and therefore, you are still entitled to your lost wage benefits.

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