Workplace Protection: Wear your Head Gear

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

Reports have it that there is a possibility that violations of worker safety guidelines were committed at the Parachute plume site. According to an official with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there were reports that employees of the said site did not wear any proper protective gear while working. It was also reported that some three men are suspecting that a compound known as benzene has poisoned them during the weeks of work on the hydrocarbon spill.

If it would be found that indeed worker safety guidelines were violated, the employer can be sued for various actions. Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment should be a primary concern of the employers. People who feel healthy and safe in their jobs are those whose productivity increases. In turn, it provides benefits for the company. It boosts the employees’ morale and for that, they become more productive at work. They are more willing to work if they feel that they are being cared for by their company.

Having a safe and healthy work environment also helps reduce accidents and problems. The company should make it a point to ensure safety in the workplace to avoid dealing with complaints or lawsuits from workers arising from injuries that the latter sustained while on the job.

Having a safe work environment does not require huge investment of money, time, or other resources. First, the company has to create a basic framework that is targeted towards the goal of achieving a safe working environment. Second, it is important to make the employees aware of the safety rules and regulations of the company. They should also be aware of their responsibilities as employees in making sure that the guidelines for safety be followed. Providing proper training is a responsibility of the employer and this should be done in a regular manner.

As mentioned, violations to safety guidelines may lead to penalties such as fines. One company, for instance, was fined for nearly $60,000 for exposing its workers to hazards in their place of business, among which includes dust. In the words of OSHA, if a dust fire or explosion occurs, deaths, injuries and destruction of the entire building are more likely to happen.

There are times when the companies act, but it is already too late to take action against the injuries that occurred in the workplace. A New Jersey roofing contractor for instance suffered a broken neck because of the failure of his company to provide him and his other co-employees with protection from falling. The result is a fine of almost $60,000 in addition to the costs in favor of the worker. Had the company acted sooner, had it anticipated the dangers associated with the business of roof contracting, the worst could have been avoided.

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