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Can an Employee Injured on a Holiday Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation is mandatory insurance that employers must provide for their employees to assist them when they are injured on the job or develop occupational disease. A Denver workers’ compensation attorney can help to get you the insurance benefits you are entitled to by law. The 2013 Workers’ Compensation Act provides that employees, whether working…

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Colorado Injured Workers Pharmacy Explained

Colorado Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Kaplan And Morrell explain how the Injured Workers Pharmacy works and processes prescriptions for injured workers in Colorado. Find out how the IWP helps injured and disabled workers get their medications without having to worry about being denied coverage for medications needed for work related injuries. If you’ve been injured at…

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Denver Workers’ Compensation Case Review: Duty to Report Injuries

Reporting Injuries At Work Is Important

Duty to Report Work Injuries only triggered when compensation and benefits are “payable.” Colorado Law requires employers and their insurers to notify the Division of Workers’ Compensation of injuries “for which compensation and benefits are payable.”  CRS §8-43-103(1). Mr. Flores claimed he injured his back on September 24, 2012 when he and other co-workers moved…

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Helicopter Industry Launches Global Work Injury Safety Campaign

A Safety Measure to Prevent Aviation Disasters Since 2004, there are about 1,600 helicopter crashes that resulted to 260 fatalities in the US alone. The data was revealed by Christopher Hart, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. Globally, more than two serious helicopter accidents occur every week, with one-third resulting to fatalities, reported…

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