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Top 10 Workers’ Compensation Fraud Cases of 2014

fraud workers comp claims

The top ten workers’ compensation fraud cases in 2014 have been decided and the results may be surprising. Of the ten, the top nine were non-employee fraud cases, with a monetary value of $74,876,000.00 versus the one employee fraud case, which cost a paltry $450,000 in comparison. Of the top ten fraud cases, five are…

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Alcohol and Work Injuries: A Bad Combo

alchol and work injury colorado workers comp expert

Drinking to excess is a huge health risk. It stands to reason that generally, people who have less to do drink more often. A recent study analyzed data from 61 studies in 14 countries and had some surprising findings. In fact, people who work more than 48 hours per week are 13 percent more likely…

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Uber Drivers Left Out Of Workers’ Compensation Protection – For Now

With smart phone technology and start-ups popping up everywhere catering to price-conscious app watchers, we are increasingly familiar with applications like Uber, the taxi company that you can hail from literally anywhere and Lyft, a similar application. Nonsense words like TaskRabbit, Homejoy, and Instacart increasingly imply convenient, price-friendly services for busy people in need of,…

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OSHA To Start Cracking Down On Companies Exposing Workers To Hazardous Chemicals?

The Occupational Health Administration has launched a new conversation with companies whose workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals. The standards set by the US Department of Labor are dangerously out of date. As technology moves forward, workers are exposed to new environmental toxins and as a result are increasingly at risk when standards protecting workers…

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