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Archive for February 2015

Workplace Wellness Now Possible for Small Businesses, Too?

Worksite wellness programs are a great way to preemptively sidestep some of the more horrifying workplace injuries in jobs where workers rely on their health. Despite how physically demanding a job is, our Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers certainly agree that worksite wellness programs can help to prevent work injuries. A recent study in the Journal…

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Uber and Lyft Revisited: Will The Applications Do Right By Their Drivers?

Driving request applications like Lyft and Uber may be forced to provide their drivers with workmen’s compensation insurance pending the decision of a couple of cases that have been being decided since 2013. Currently, Workers’ Compensation lawyers may have trouble arguing for insurance benefits to an injured driver because the drivers are technically considered independent…

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An Insurance Adjuster’s Perspective On Being Injured At Work

And what he had to say about having Michael Kaplan as his Worker’s Compensation Attorney: I had the unfortunate circumstance of being injured at work, and the injury was such that the claim needed to be reopened and further treatment required after I had left that employer. Ironically, my current place of employment is a…

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Nursing: Even Proper Transfer Technique Can Lead to Injury

Sunny Vespico, a 36-year-old nurse, was working at a Philadelphia hospital on March 31,2012 when she was required to lift a patient. This is not unusual for nurses like Vespico, who are taught proper technique for lifting and transferring patients as part of their training in medical and nursing schools. In spite of using proper…

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Medical Marijuana In The Workplace- 50 Shades Of Gray Area

Almost everyone in Colorado knows marijuana (and medical marijuana) is legal. An enormous question, however, is marijuana in the workplace. While recreational marijuana use, as with recreational alcohol or other intoxicants, is firmly in the prohibited category, where does medical marijuana fall? Denver workers’ compensation attorneys Kaplan & Morrell can attest if a worker is injured on…

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Starting so Bad (it’s great). (Caution Spoiler Alert)

For such a huge success, Breaking Bad followed the plot lines of the immortal morality plays like Macbeth: a good man with good intentions, progressively makes tiny self-rationilizing decisions down the path to hell. Most viewers, at least the one’s I talk with, get hooked on the money and the power without seeing this cautionary…

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Chronic Pain & Disability: How Colorado Laws Help Individuals Suffering from Chronic Pain

Work-related injuries can arise from different causes. There are injuries caused by accidents in the workplace such as a fall from scaffolding, machinery accident, or a vehicle mishap which occurred while driving a company vehicle. These injuries are called industrial accidents. Meanwhile, there are injuries caused by a continued performance of activities or exposure to…

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