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The James Holmes Trial: a Different Perspective

Last week, it was almost impossible to turn on any news station without hearing the latest update about the Aurora Movie Theater shooter, James Holmes, and his first week of court. The trial opened on an emotional note and will likely proceed in this direction as the jury involved in the case needs to decide…

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Roadside Manners: Work Zones and Tragedy

  Almost everyone who drives to work knows the major annoyance that follows. Imagine you are driving to work along a familiar route when suddenly construction appears, almost as if from the pavement, and suddenly the commute that usually takes you twenty minutes takes thirty or more. Most working people who have to be at…

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Independent Contractors and The Importance of Workers’ Advocates

  Often, cases come up in the world of Workers’ compensation that cause Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys to connect employees to employers through a chain that leads to workers’ compensation insurance. While all companies with employees are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, the exact specifications of the laws are often particular…

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