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Archive for July 2015

How a Drug Test Affects an Injured Worker

It is undeniable that drug use can make anyone prone to accidents. Regardless of whether marijuana is used within or outside work, medicinally or not, the effect of pot in the body can still lead to devastating accidents in the workplace. When a worker suffers an injury, employers can require such worker to submit himself…

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What are the types of Colorado Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Under Colorado’s workers’ compensation laws, every employer must maintain a current insurance policy or self-insurance to provide the required protection to workers in case of injuries sustained while on the job. Colorado employers can acquire coverage for workers’ compensation through four ways: insurance companies, private stock or mutual company, self-insurance, or insurance pools. Every employee…

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Acceptable Levels of Noise in the Workplace

Industrial worker cutting metal

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the US Department of Labor, approximately 30 million people are exposed to harmful noise. Due to high level of noise, a large sum of workers suffers hearing loss. Most of the affected workers came from noisy workplaces, factories, machinery plants, construction sites, and…

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A Guide to Prevent Slips, Falls, and Trips in the Workplace

denver work injury lawyer

Accidents could happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Accident causing injuries like slips, falls, and trips are very common in the workplace. In fact, according to the recent data by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and US Department of Labor, slips, falls, and trips contributed 296,130 cases over 1.2 million cases on the total…

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PPD Benefits are not payable during incarceration, even if the benefits are not established after being released from Jail.

Anthony Mattox sustained an admiited work injury in Colorado in May 2008.  His treating physician placed him at maximum medical improvement (MMI) in October 2008 but the physician did not provide a legal recognizable impairment rating. In January 2009 Mattox was arrested for DUI and possession of illegal drugs and he was jailed pending trial. …

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