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Kaplan Morrell is open and serving clients with responsible distancing measures and safety precautions. Read more here: Covid-19

Kaplan Morrell is safely serving clients and potential Workers Comp and COVID-19 Workers Comp clients.

Kaplan Morrell COVID 19 Resources and Information

It's Britton with Kaplan Morrell, Workers Compensation Attorneys in Colorado. We are on day 62 in the pandemic, and we thought it would be a good idea to show you a little bit behind the scenes about what we are doing here at Kaplan Morrell to keep our team and you, our clients, and prospective clients, safe during the whole pandemic.

Contact-Less Environment

One of the things that you can see, for example, is where Rhonda would typically be working. She is not here. And so that means that she's working at home and B, I get to look in what is in her desk and see all sorts of embarrassing things. These little sparkly pencil grips..... which I guess Ronda needs to be able to get our work done. So Ronda, if you are watching this, you need more, let us know.

Brandy's not here. We sent all our team home about 80% of them to work home exclusively since March 15. And that means we have two people here that are great; they rock Michelle and Teresa. They come in and process mail, etc. And on rare occasions that they need to drop you know, clients need to pick something up because it can not be emailed or mailed, that can do that of clients can not email or mail or something they need to drop off, they can do that.

But we try to keep it contact-less, which means that you know, we have the client-side stuff under the door, we have the door in between us, etc. Like most of Colorado, we are also looking at how we're going to reopen.

This is where Andrew would normally work. And again, let's see if he has anything interesting in his drawers or something. Yeah, now very boring, but also kind of look at this. Yeah, see, look, this is a sign of an organized lawyer. This means that if Andrew is on your case, he's really got you know, everything organized.

Meeting with Clients - Online, Video, and Telephone

So anyway, but we're, as soon as we start, you know, looking at having clients come in, we've got a little facemask approach. Even though there's no documented case of anyone getting COVID 19 through a FaceTime video, you never know.

And then, of course, gloves and don't worry, we're just using these to shake hands or take papers, or anything else on.

So contactless delivery we're doing.

And in some cases where we have clients who just simply cannot meet with us by video, or telephone won't work we have had clients come in. And basically what we do is we put them in a chair way over there, and I'm way over here. And we're wearing masks and gloves, and we're having our conversation that way.

But most of the time, we're doing video hearings, and that means our video meetings, and that means we can meet with you on so many different apps and what's really exciting for us is we have been with clients by internet video since 2006, since FaceTime, we've used FaceTime. We use Skype; we use WhatsApp, we use FaceTime Facebook video, we use Google Hangouts, Google duo, zoom, of course, we were on zoom well before everybody else was on it.

Kaplan Morrell Office is Where You Are

And so our presence is that our offices where you are. So if you've got a phone in your back pocket, then you're going to be able to contact us you're going to be able to see documents, meet with us, chat with us, ask questions, get the lawyer advice you need.

Additional Cleaning Precautions

So in addition to this, in addition to the gloves masks, we've got the Lysol spray. Say hi to Teresa, we clean about every 15 minutes or so Lysol to make sure she is safe because if she dies, then the whole place is going to go to hell in a handbasket.

The other thing is, we're not hugging people. No hugs. Unless you want to come wrapped in plastic, you wrapped in plastic; we spray with Lysol, we're wrapped in plastic, they will hug you as we normally do.

Kaplan Morrell is Constant Working on Workers Comp - COVID-19 Questions

But, you know, the more important thing is we're constantly working, and we're here. We're representing clients. We're signing up clients. We are counseling folks who have contracted COVID on the job, families who have lost loved ones from COVID on the job.

Kaplan Morrell is on your side

And if you are injured on the job, you have access to an attorney who knows how to handle Workers Compensation Claims. We've been doing this for over 25 years now. We would love to be able to help you. As always, our telephone number is 970-356-9898 you can reach out to us via phone, website, email, etc.

And with that, we hope you are safe. Bye

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Serving COVID-19 clients and managing a workers’ compensation claim can be very difficult.

Managing a workers’ compensation claim and unemployment together is really difficult. For that reason, if you’ve been injured on the job in Colorado, please contact us at Kaplan Morrell by phone at (970) 356-9898 or feel free to reach out to us here on Facebook as well as our website.