Kaplan Morrell is safely serving clients and potential Worker’s Comp and COVID-19 Worker’s Comp clients.

Kaplan Morrell COVID-19 Resources and Information

It’s Britton with Kaplan Morrell, Workers Compensation Attorneys in Colorado. We thought it would be a good idea to show you a little bit behind the scenes about what we are doing here at Kaplan Morrell to keep our team and you, our clients, and prospective clients, safe during the whole pandemic.

Our team is working from home! We’ve sent all of our team home, about 80% of them to work from home exclusively since March 15.

We have two people here that are great; they rock, Michelle and Teresa. They come in and process mail, etc. There are rare occasions that they need to drop off something, or clients need to pick something up because it can not be emailed or mailed, they can do that.

We try to keep it contact-less, which means that we have the client slide stuff under the door, we have the door in between us, etc. Like most of Colorado, we are also looking at how we’re going to reopen.

As soon as we start looking at having clients come in, we will follow all CDC Guidelines as far as wearing masks and keeping at a distance.

In some cases where we have had clients who just simply cannot meet with us by video or telephone won’t work, we have had clients come in. What we do is we put them in a chair on one side of the office and we stay on the other side of the office. We wear masks and gloves, and we have our conversation that way.

Most of the time, we’re doing video hearings and video meetings. That means we can meet with you on so many different apps and what’s really exciting for us is that we have been corresponding with clients by internet video since 2006. We use FaceTime. We use Skype; we use WhatsApp, we use Google Hangouts, Google Duo, and Zoom.

Our offices are where you are. So if you’ve got a phone in your back pocket, then you’re going to be able to contact us, you’re going to be able to see documents, meet with us, chat with us, ask questions, and get the lawyer advice you need.

In addition to the gloves and masks, we’ve got Lysol spray. We clean about every 15 minutes.

We’re not hugging people right now! No hugs, sorry. Unless you want to come wrapped in plastic, you’re wrapped in plastic; we spray you with Lysol, we’re wrapped in plastic, then will hug you as we normally do. (Kidding of course!)

The more important thing is we’re constantly working, and we’re here. We’re representing clients. We’re signing up clients. We are counseling folks who have contracted COVID on the job and families who have lost loved ones from COVID on the job.

And with that, we hope you are safe. Bye

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Serving COVID-19 clients and managing a workers’ compensation claim can be very difficult.

Managing a workers’ compensation claim and unemployment together is really difficult. For that reason, if you’ve been injured on the job in Colorado, please contact us at Kaplan Morrell by phone at (970) 356-9898 or on our website.

Workers Compensation and Covid

Know your rights regarding Worker’s Compensation and COVID-19. Kaplan Morrell is at the forefront of COVID-19 and protecting Colorado workers.

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