Disability and Disfigurement Benefits in Colorado

Sep 7, 2023 | Benefits

Disfigurement Benefits – How Much Is An Individual Entitled To – In Colorado, disability laws allow for injured individuals with a scar or disfigurement to receive disability benefits depending on the extent of the disfigurement and where it is located.

Watch as Denver disability lawyer Michael Kaplan explains how benefits are awarded to disfigured individuals in Colorado.

Disfigurement Benefits Explained

In my experience, one of the benefits that the insurance carriers cheat the injured worker out of the most is disfigurement benefits. Disfigurement benefits are paid to injured workers over and beyond all other benefits when their injury results in an actual disfigurement.

The “Bathing Suit Rule”

We have something informally called the “bathing suit rule.” What that means is that if you’ve suffered a scar of any sort that would be seen in public view that’s not covered by a bathing suit, you would be entitled to disfigurement benefits.

But how much and what counts?

The amount that an injured worker is entitled to is anywhere between zero and a little bit more than $8,000, depending on the severity of your scar. Disfigurements can be considered loss of teeth, obviously, scars that appear on the skin, loss of hair, etc.  The injury results in some type of permanent scarring and or disfigurement of the body. Do you have more questions?

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Understanding the Disfigurement Benefit

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