Monday Morning Injuries are Bad News

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

Our clients sometimes ask, “Why is my workers’ compensation claim being denied?”  There can be a lot of different reasons – but there is always a reason.  Most often it is because the accident was not witnessed, or the injured workers has prior medical problems with the injured body part, or the accident occurred in such a way that the employer doesn’t think it happened in “the course and scope” of employment.

One of the more surprising reasons is the day the accident was reported.  Monday is the worst day to report an accident.  In fact, The Division of Workers’ Compensation lists it as the number one sign of a fraudulent claim!

If you are injured on a Friday – report it!  Even if you think it will go away, report it and do so in a way that your supervisor can’t “forget.”  Otherwise when you come back to work after suffering over the weekend – the carrier will claim that you left work just fine on Friday and you must have done something over the weekend to cause your pain.

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