OSHA To Start Cracking Down On Companies Exposing Workers To Hazardous Chemicals?

Jan 13, 2015 | WC & Other Laws

OSHA To Start Cracking Down On Companies Exposing Workers To Hazardous Chemicals? – The Occupational Health Administration has launched a new conversation with companies whose workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals. The standards set by the US Department of Labor are dangerously out of date. As technology moves forward, workers are exposed to new environmental toxins and, as a result, are increasingly at risk when standards protecting workers are not updated.

OSHA To Start Cracking Down On Companies Exposing Workers To Hazardous Chemicals?

Most of the PELs—limits on concentration or amount of a toxic substance in a work environment. Literally, Permissible Exposure Limits—cover less than 500 chemicals and have not been renewed since 1971. The less than 500 PELs were adopted at the inception of the program and have not been updated to account for new technologies or research that has changed what is considered safe.

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The first step OSHA is taking is to request information about how to mitigate hazardous exposure, minimize risk to employees in the workplace, and update exposure limits. Twenty-five states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands have added their own standards and enforcement policies in addition to OSHA’s.

Workers may be exposed daily to hazardous chemicals on the job, and the outdated standards set by OSHA might offer little to no protection. The Administration is working to change the standards, but in order for the new standards to be effective, people need to speak out when they feel they’ve been injured as a result of exposure.

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