Is sexual harassment covered under Colorado Workers’ Compensation?

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

Workers’ Compensation covers all on-the-job injuries, except….sexual harassment …. even if the worker and the harasser met through their employment.  This summer, the Industrial Claims Appeals Panel upheld an Administrative Law Judge’s decision that sexual harassment is not “compensable” as a work injury.   The Judge reasoned that the harassment was the result of personal interaction and did not occur while the harasser and the worker were performing their employment duties.

At first glance this decision may seem silly, particularly if work brought the worker to the harasser’s attention.  However the benefits under workers’ compensation are very limited compared to the civil damages available to workers who sue their employers for harassment.  In a civil case the worker can recover compensation for pain and suffering, punitive damages, future wage loss, and attorneys fees – benefits which are not available in workers’ compensation.

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