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Temporary/Seasonal Employment and Workers Compensation in Colorado

Generally, a seasonal/temporary worker is only employed on certain seasons. A company may opt to hire extra people if they think that the workload is more than usual, but only temporarily, for a specific duration. Retail stores, farms, and ski resorts typically hire workers for temporary/seasonal work.  In Colorado, more agricultural workers are employed to…

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What Does it Mean? Lower Workers’ Comp Insurance Rates for 2016

At the end of the year, many insurance companies will attempt to settle or reduce the number of open claims they have. Workers’ compensation is no different, creating an opportunity for Denver workers’ compensation lawyers, Greeley workers’ compensation attorneys, and especially their injured clients. These clients often work for years at their jobs and suffer…

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Oil Gauging Practice as a Health-damaging Working Condition

There was a controversial case here in Colorado just recently. A judge ruled in favor of a widow whose husband died because of unfavorable working conditions. Jim Freemyer, an oil-field worker, died in 2014 after inhaling toxic chemicals in a low-oxygen atmosphere at the Gaddis oil tank site. What he did was most commonly known…

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Compensation for Miners in the Four Corners Region

Cibola General Hospital’s cardio-pulminary department is busy this season testing minors for RECA. Most of the requests are for electrocardiographs and testing of miners for federal Radiation Exposure eligibility. About 10 miners per week come in for testing, all of which live in New Mexico. Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys fight for compensation…

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Starting so Bad (it’s great). (Caution Spoiler Alert)

For such a huge success, Breaking Bad followed the plot lines of the immortal morality plays like Macbeth: a good man with good intentions, progressively makes tiny self-rationilizing decisions down the path to hell. Most viewers, at least the one’s I talk with, get hooked on the money and the power without seeing this cautionary…

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