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Changes in 2018 Denver Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers' Compensation Laws

The General Assembly adopted three bills affecting injured workers in Colorado. Workers’ compensation insurance is in place to protect injured workers and their employers in the state of Colorado. This insurance pays for medical treatment and a portion of lost wages when an employee is injured on the job. According to state law dating back…

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5 Workers’ Comp Mistakes Injured Workers Make

Try as we might to prevent them, injuries happen. That’s why legislators, employers and insurers have created the workers’ compensation safety net: Protecting injured workers and employers alike from the crushing and unpredictable medical costs and lost time that a work-related injury or illness can cause. The workers’ compensation system is a legal system, and…

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Fatal Work Accidents on the Rise

Injury and death are two unfortunate (and, for the latter, inevitable) occurrences in life.  However, they should not have to happen as a result of someone simply trying to earn a living.  Unfortunately, they do happen and can end the lives of workers while devastating the lives of the workers’ families. In 2011, about 4609 Americans died…

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Traumatized First Responders in Newtown May Get Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation laws have limited coverage with regards to post-traumatic stress disorder. There are conditions that must be satisfied and proof of the disorder must be shown. But for the first responders in the Newtown killing, the federal government of Connecticut has some good news. During the Sandy Hook Elementary School shoot-out, several first responders…

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