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Paying Providers More May Help Workers Recover Faster

paying providers for timely treatment of work injury

It’s old news that workers’ compensation systems differ between states. Everything from compensation amounts for missing limbs to the amount of choice workers have for their doctors can be different between Colorado and, for example, New Mexico. That’s why it’s so important for a disabled worker in Denver to seek out a Denver disability attorney…

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Can an Employee Injured on a Holiday Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation is mandatory insurance that employers must provide for their employees to assist them when they are injured on the job or develop occupational disease. A Denver workers’ compensation attorney can help to get you the insurance benefits you are entitled to by law. The 2013 Workers’ Compensation Act provides that employees, whether working…

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Above Suspicion

Getting injured and being unable to work can be traumatic and expensive for you.  It can get worse if your claim is questioned – or worse – you accused of making a false claim.  Although workers’ compensation fraud is rare, and often is just as often done by the employer – Pinnacol Assurance, the largest…

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Kaplan Morrell NFL Report

As one of only two law firms in Colorado selected by the National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA), Kaplan Morrell helps the Denver Broncos players when they need advice and legal representation regarding any injury that occurs as part of their employment. Michael Kaplan recently attended the NFLAPA’s workers’ compensation annual meeting in April 2012.  The…

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