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Electric Company Could Be Held Liable Under OSHA

Electric company employees in Fort Collins were rushed to the hospital after an electric flash. The accident occurred when equipment failed while electrical company employees worked to restore power.  The extent of the injuries remains unknown. On-the-job injuries cause a variety of problems. For the victim, it could mean medical expenses, days spent out of…

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Temporary Workers Face Greater Hazards In On-the-Job Injuries

Over the past years, the use of temporary workers has become prevalent for various reasons, including evading the law. Non-permanent employees are used for cost-cutting purposes since they are not entitled to vacation and sick leave benefits. When there is increased work demand, hiring temporary employees is often the better solution to meet the demands…

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Certain Cancers Are Presumed to be Work-Related for Fire-Fighters and Other First Responders

If you are a firefighter and you were diagnosed with cancers of the brain, skin, digestive system, hematological systems, or genito-urinary system, your condition may be legally presumed to be work-related. According to the Cancer Council, about 5,000 people are diagnosed with work-related cancer every year. Exposure to different substances are said to result in…

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Workers’ Compensation Case Review: Injured workers in Halfway Houses Entitled to Wage Loss Benefits

Colorado Law prohibits inmates from receiving not only temporary total disability but all benefits: “Any individual who is otherwise entitled to benefits under [the Workers’ Compensation Act] shall neither receive nor be entitled to such benefits for any week following conviction during which such individual is confined in a jail, prison, or any department of…

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