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Workers’ Compensation and OSHA

Workers Compensation and OSHA

Workers’ Compensation and OSHA -Many workers are understandably upset if an employer refuses to correct an unsafe worksite. It’s worse if you get injured because of it! What are your options if that happens? Today we’ll talk about how Workers Compensation and OSHA address unsafe working environments. Workers’ Compensation and OSHA We’ll cover what your…

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OSHA – ¡Compensación al trabajador y otras leyes! Parte V

OSHA - ¡Compensación al trabajador y otras leyes! Parte V

OSHA – ¡Compensación al trabajador y otras leyes! – ¿Qué sucede si usted está trabajando en un lugar peligroso donde su patrón no está siguiendo las reglas de seguridad? Existen dos leyes, compensación al trabajador que es una ley estatal, y Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional (OSHA por sus siglas en inglés), que es…

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OSHA To Start Cracking Down On Companies Exposing Workers To Hazardous Chemicals?

The Occupational Health Administration has launched a new conversation with companies whose workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals. The standards set by the US Department of Labor are dangerously out of date. As technology moves forward, workers are exposed to new environmental toxins and as a result are increasingly at risk when standards protecting workers…

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