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Catching Fries: What Exactly Is In The Course Of My Employment?

Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers and Denver workers’ compensation lawyers will tell you many states have a loose definition of what kinds of activities are conceivably within an employee’s job responsibilities. While workers can only receive benefits when they’re injured on the job in the course of their employment, different states have different definitions of “in…

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Roadside Manners: Work Zones and Tragedy

  Almost everyone who drives to work knows the major annoyance that follows. Imagine you are driving to work along a familiar route when suddenly construction appears, almost as if from the pavement, and suddenly the commute that usually takes you twenty minutes takes thirty or more. Most working people who have to be at…

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Motion For ALJ Recusal Must Contain a Sworn Affidavit

One of the things that distinguish Workers’ Compensation Hearings is that we argue cases in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) instead of a jury.  There are only a handful of ALJs so we tend to see the same ALJ multiple times. A pro se (unrepresented) claimant sought to recuse ALJ Michelle Jones based upon…

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Don’t Wait To Talk With A Lawyer

It’s free, it’s confidential, it’s doesn’t obligate you to anything…and it’s free. This morning I had the pleasure of talking with a young man and his wife about his work injury.  We will call him Jaime.  He was injured in early 2012 on a oil production platform when a metal bar hit him in the…

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The Colorado Legislature Considers A Number Of Bills Affecting Workplace Rights

Unnoticed in the controversy over gun control and civil unions, the 2013 Colorado Legislature is also considering several bills affecting employment rights in the workplace: House Bill (HB) 1136 allows victims of discrimination at companies with fewer than 15 employees to receive compensatory and punitive damages up to $50,000.00 and to get their attorney’s fees…

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