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Paying Providers More May Help Workers Recover Faster

paying providers for timely treatment of work injury

It’s old news that workers’ compensation systems differ between states. Everything from compensation amounts for missing limbs to the amount of choice workers have for their doctors can be different between Colorado and, for example, New Mexico. That’s why it’s so important for a disabled worker in Denver to seek out a Denver disability attorney…

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Compensation for Miners in the Four Corners Region

Cibola General Hospital’s cardio-pulminary department is busy this season testing minors for RECA. Most of the requests are for electrocardiographs and testing of miners for federal Radiation Exposure eligibility. About 10 miners per week come in for testing, all of which live in New Mexico. Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys fight for compensation…

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Steps to Take When Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied

Most often than not, legitimate workers’ compensation claims are denied. However, this is not the end of the line. A competitive and highly knowledgeable Denver workers’ compensation attorney can help bring your case to the next stage of the fight. Reasons for Denial Insurance companies are usually mandated to deny claims for a variety of…

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Ask a Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney: Does Colorado Cover Off-the-Clock Work Place Accidents?

Injury compensation, generally, takes care of your medical bills, medications, transportations costs, and other injury-related expenses. It will likewise cover around two-thirds of wages which you should have incurred if it were not for the injury. If your injury caused disability, a lump sum settlement is usually available. In case of death, the compensation will…

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Taxes and Your Disability Benefits Part III: SSDI

Many people who work with Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys end up receiving Social Security Disability (or SSDI) benefits. Social Security Disability benefits are usually awarded to individuals with an impairment that directly causes serious functional limitations. As with any income during tax season, people begin to wonder if the money is taxable.…

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Taxes and Your Disability Benefits Part II: Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Benefits (SSI) are often a point of confusion for individuals filing taxes. This point of confusion, fought against by disability attorneys, is often conflated by the Social Security Administration. The SSA encourages those receiving SSI to report it. In spite of what people think, Supplemental Security Benefits are completely non-taxable and, as such,…

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If I’m Injured at my Company Picnic, Do I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Many states contain exceptions for workers’ compensation injuries sustained during recreational activities. For example, the company softball tournament where the star pitcher receives a black eye. Athletic events, parties, and picnics often contain exclusions from the normal rules for workplace injury. As any good Denver disability lawyer would say, however, there are exceptions to almost…

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Hit-and-run: Not as Easy as it Used to Be

roadside accident hit and run

Denver, Colorado resolves about 78% of all hit and run cases that occur in Colorado. Denver disability lawyers and law enforcement alike rely heavily on a social media program that allows passers-by to report and react to a hit-and-run. In fact, the program is so successful that the city of Los Angeles, where 80% of…

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