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Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations – The Workers Compensation Act from time to time allows carriers to send injured workers to what they call independent medical evaluations. The requirement is usually that that doctor hasn’t treated you before and isn’t associated with the doctor who is currently treating you. Independent Medical Evaluations There’s no patient-physician privilege attached…

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Going to the doctor after a work injury? – Part 2

Let's Talk about Going to the Doctor after a work injury

Going to the doctor after a work injury? – When injured workers go to the doctor for the first time due to a work injury, they think they will see a kind doctor who will try to help them, but in reality, that doctor has been picked by the insurance company to give the minimum…

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FMLA and Work Injuries – WC & Other Laws! Part 1

FMLA and Work Injuries

FMLA and Work Injuries – Today we will discuss the interaction between Workers’ Compensation, a State Law, and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a Federal Law. When you are off work due to a Colorado work injury you have a right to lost wage benefits but what about your job? Is it protected? Can…

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Final Admissions! Things That Happen at MMI

Final Admissions

Final Admissions! Things That Happen at MMI – We are wrapping up our series about what happens when you reach MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). We’ve talked about what happens when you’ve been given restrictions, an impairment rating, and when you get a recommendation for maintenance care. Now let’s discuss what happens next. Final Admissions! What…

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Time in Workers Compensation – Part 2

Time in Workers Compensation

Time in Workers Compensation – We’re continuing our discussion about how long these take in the legal system when it comes to Colorado work injuries! Making a “claim” for an injury is different and legally distinct from giving “notice” of your serious on-the-job injury. Know the difference and know how great lawyers can help you.…

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Things that Happen at MMI Maintenance Care

MMI Maintenance Care

Things that Happen at MMI Maintenance Care –  The doctors may tell you that you’re at MMI but you might still need medical care. We’ll discuss the two types of medical care and help you figure the next steps to take care of your work injury. Things that Happen at MMI Maintenance Care What is…

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Workers Comp Settlement Conference – Getting the Best Settlement

workers comp settlement conference

Many injured workers find themselves going to a workers comp settlement conference and can find the whole process intimidating. Workers Comp Settlement Conference – Will you have to testify? What will the Judge do or order? Don’t worry! With an experienced lawyer you’ll be prepared and hopefully, come to an agreement you can accept. Does…

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What if You Die Due to Work Injury? Your Family’s Rights

die due to work injury

Workers Compensation – What Are Your Family’s Rights if You Die Due to Work Injury? – We help families who have lost parents or spouses to a fatal work injury. Workers Compensation provides basic benefits to these families. We are here to make sure you get the full amount the law entitles to you. What…

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