The Workers’ Compensation does not cover every loss caused by an on-the-job injury.  Even for those losses that are covered – the workers’ compensation law provides very limited benefits.  The Workers’ Compensation Law is only one of sixteen possible resources available to injured workers.  There are other laws, insurance programs, along with basic personal responsibility that will help you cover your losses and help you get your life moving again.


1.              Emergency Fund

2.              Living within your means

3.              Ambition

4.              Long Term Disability Insurance

5.              Health Insurance

6.              AFLAC or other supplemental insurance


7.              Workers’ Compensation Insurance

8.              Unemployment

9.              Social Security Disability or PERA

10.           State Vocational Training


11.           Retaliatory Discharge Protections

12.           Family Medical Leave Act

13.           Americans with Disabilities Act

14.           OSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Act


15.           Personal Injury Lawsuit

16.           Defective Product Lawsuit


Depending upon your situation, you may have access to several of the above resources.  Although we only represent you to get the coverage and benefits you deserve under Workers’ Compensation or Social Security, please ask us about any other resource to which you may be entitled.  You can talk with us absolutely free of charge and without obligation.  Call for your free consultation at 303-780-7329.